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101 Content Marketing Tips and Resources

No matter what you do or where you work, content marketing is critical to helping businesses get seen. But managing all its elements alone can be challenging, particularly as you scale your brand or startup. It’s important to plug into high-quality resources that increase your knowledge of the craft, as well as your comfort levels with making and marketing content.

We’re going to cover resources for some of the most integral aspects of content marketing, including ten relevant categories:

  1. Beginning content marketing
  2. The content creation process
  3. Content marketing professionals
  4. Tools for content marketing
  5. Technical content marketing
  6. Content marketing analytics
  7. Strategy of content marketing
  8. Content marketing formats
  9. Understanding SEO
  10. B2B content marketing

Beginning Content Marketing

Spinning up a new content marketing strategy is no easy task. Getting off on the right foot is a surefire way to develop lasting value in the future. Learn from some of the following resources to generate ideas that cover all the bases – from brainstorming topics to item checklists.

  1. The 3 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Technical Blog
  2. The Startup Marketing Checklist
  3. Content Marketing At Early Stage StartupsA Blog Launch Checklist
  4. How to Create a Digital Content Strategy
  5. Lost in the Content Marketing Forest
  6. The Big Blog Promotion Checklist
  7. Blogging Platforms for Your Startup
  8. The Best Golang Blogs
  9. The Draft.dev Technical Blogging Style Guide

The Content Creation Process

Building a content pipeline is just the first part of the content marketing process. Drafting compelling, practical, and valuable content is perhaps the most important element of any marketing strategy. Use these helpful resources to start copy with the end consumer in mind.

  1. Great Content Marketing Doesn’t Depend on Luck
  2. 26 Low-Cost Content Marketing Ideas
  3. 50+ Startup Blog Ideas
  4. How to Write Persuasive Technical Content
  5. How to Write Technical Comparisons
  6. Topic Clusters and Keyword Research for Technical Content
  7. 10 Technical Writing Style Guides You Can Use
  8. A Guide to Writing Technical Roundups
  9. How to Write Better Technical Content
  10. Generating Content Ideas That Will Resonate With Software Developers

Content Marketing Professionals

Content doesn’t just appear in a vacuum. If you need to create professional or niche content at scale, it might make sense to hire a team, freelancer, or content marketing agency. These tips will help to set the stage, and encourage you to compare your hiring options, payment plans, and sourcing platforms.

  1. How to Hire a Freelance Marketing Writer
  2. How To Hire A Blogger For Your Company
  3. What to Expect from a Content Creation Agency
  4. Dealbreakers When Working with a SaaS Marketing Agency
  5. Finding Ghostwriters for Hire
  6. Best Content Creation Agencies
  7. 5 Options for Paying Freelance Technical Writers
  8. How to Find and Motivate Writers for Your Blog
  9. What is a Ghostwriter and Does Your Company Need One?
  10. How to Find a Technical Writer for Hire

Tools For Content Marketing

Equip your content to perform at its best with a plethora of tools that integrate with any tech stack. Use automations to streamline your workflow process, or rely on integrations to monitor the success of your content in the marketplace. It pays to think ahead!

  1. Hugo vs. Jekyll: Which is Right for Your Blog?
  2. Social Media Automation Tools for Startups
  3. React vs. Vue: A Modern Comparison
  4. Live Customer Chat Tools for Startups
  5. Press Release Creation and Distribution Tools
  6. Customer Relationship Management Software for Startups
  7. Creating a Multi-Author Publishing Calendar in Airtable
  8. Free Stock Images for Your Startup
  9. Survey Tools for Startups
  10. Landing Page Tools for Startups
  11. Email Marketing Tools for Startups
  12. Online Course Creation Tools

Technical Content Marketing

At Draft.dev, technical content marketing is our bread and butter. We love helping developers, B2Bs, and SaaS brands create content that people actually want to read. Here are some tips and tricks for developing a technical content marketing strategy, including some helpful tips for building outlines, making edits, and writing introductions.

  1. The Best Technical Blog Platforms
  2. Syndicating Developer Content
  3. Community Research for Technical Content
  4. Great Technical Tutorials Address the “Why” and “How
  5. Steps to a Quality Edit for Your Technical Blog
  6. A Complete Introduction to Technical Marketing
  7. How to Write a Technical Tutorial
  8. Field Guide to Technical Editing
  9. Hands on with Developer Marketing
  10. 6 Tips for B2D Marketing

Content Marketing Analytics

It’s not enough to simply write and post your content online. Marketers must be able to track the performance of said content in the marketplace and report on key metrics and KPIs that influence the brand’s success. Check out these resources for performing research, choosing the right metrics, and finding the perfect analytics platform for your content.

  1. Creating High-Quality Technical Content Increases Blog Traffic
  2. Competition Research Tools
  3. 16 Content Marketing Analytics Tools That Finally Do What You Need
  4. Content Marketing Analytics: 11 Ways Data Can Inform Your Content Strategy
  5. 6 Do’s & Don’ts of Content Marketing Analytics
  6. 20 Content Marketing KPIs To Track (+Infographic)
  7. Six marketing KPIs that will improve with effective content marketing
  8. How to Measure Your Content Marketing ROI + 7 Metrics That Matter

Strategy Of Content Marketing

No two marketing strategies will ever look alike. It’s important to understand what you want from your content campaigns and what you need to get from point A to point B. These resources were specifically chosen to guide your strategy creation process, including how to write and execute a content marketing plan.

  1. Selling and Marketing Unsought Products
  2. The Case for Bottom Up Marketing
  3. Refreshing Old (Technical) Blog Posts
  4. How to Create a Technical Content Plan
  5. How to Execute a B2C Content Marketing Strategy
  6. How to Develop a Content Strategy in 7 Steps
  7. How to Write a Content Marketing Strategy (w/ Template)
  8. 30 Content Marketing Tactics You Have to Try
  9. How to Develop a Content Marketing Plan
  10. What Are The Types of Content Marketing Strategies?

Content Marketing Formats

There are dozens of different kinds of content marketing formats. From blogs and tutorials to infographics and videos, brands can use just about any form of content to their advantage. Use the resources below to explore your options, discover new ideas, and hone in on alternatives that fit your vertical best.

  1. How to Create Diagrams for Technical Blog Posts
  2. How to Use Markdown
  3. How to Write Technical Thought Leadership
  4. How to Write Technical Guides
  5. Content Types And Deliverables: What Are They?
  6. How to Create a Technical Writing Rubric
  7. How to Turn Your Conference Talks Into Technical Blog Posts
  8. Successful Consumer-Generated Marketing for Technology Companies
  9. 113 Types of Content Marketing You Can Add to Your Calendar Now
  10. How to Determine What Formats to Use in Your Content Marketing

Understanding SEO

Also known as search engine marketing, SEO is one of the most critical elements of the modern content strategy. But how much should SEO principles guide your content production, and is it possible to do without the help of an expert? These resources spell out everything you need to know about navigating, implementing, and strategizing for SEO content.

  1. Finding a B2B SEO Agency That Works for You
  2. SEO Keyword Opportunities in Developer Marketing
  3. What is SEO? Your Complete Step-By-Step Guide
  4. SEO In 2022: 10 Important SEO Trends You Need To Know
  5. The Definitive 30-Step Basic SEO Checklist
  6. Why focus on long-tail keywords?
  7. H1 vs H2 vs H3: What are Heading Tags and How to Use Them?
  8. Video SEO: 9 Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search
  9. The 10 Best Free SEO Courses Available Online
  10. How to Add SEO to Your Marketing Campaign (8 Ways)

B2B Content Marketing

If you sell to brands, businesses, or other enterprise customers, your journey through the content marketing process will look very different from your peers. Here’s how to design and implement a B2B content marketing plan that works – including the critical mistakes you should avoid along the way.

  1. The B2B SaaS Marketing Guide
  2. B2B Demand Generation Tips and Tactics
  3. Best B2B Content Marketing Agencies by Vertical
  4. How to Do B2B Writing Right
  5. B2B Content Marketing (New Research for 2022)
  6. The Best of B2B Marketing Content: 10 Examples
  7. 90+ Important B2B Content Marketing Statistics
  8. Most Common B2B Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
  9. 29 smart B2B content marketing examples and success stories
  10. Five Content Marketing Ideas for Enterprise and B2B Startups
  11. Breaking Down the Marketing Funnel in B2B

Discover More Content Marketing Resources At Draft.dev

A strong knowledge of content marketing doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re looking to reinforce your understanding of content from a B2B, SaaS, or technical sense, we’d recommend steeping yourself in some good ol’ fashioned resources. The more you do, the better you’ll be at writing and publishing content (and the more confident you’ll feel to boot).

Is there a tip, trick, or resource we missed? Let us know! Hit us up at [email protected] with your content marketing blogs, articles, and templates.