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Finding Ghostwriters for Hire

The art of ghostwriting is nothing new. According to recent estimates, roughly 60% of nonfiction books in the marketplace are created by invisible wordsmiths every single year. This number is only expected to increase over time, as thousands of companies prepare to ramp up their digital content efforts.

There are quite literally hundreds of thousands of ghostwriters operating today, each with varying degrees of experience, training, and industry know-how. These specialists operate as freelancers, agencies, and independent contractors, each equipped with unique industry skills. If you’re looking to scale your content creation process to new heights, a professional ghostwriter could provide a great opportunity for growth.

Let’s take a closer look at how to find a ghostwriter for hire, as well as some of the platforms you can use to source them. We’ll cover:

  • What is a ghostwriter?
  • Where can you find ghostwriters for hire?
  • Tips for finding and maintaining a professional ghostwriter
  • The value of a good ghostwriter

What is a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters are professional writers that sell their uncredited intellectual property for money. Unlike traditional writers, who may receive bylines or other publication credits, ghostwriters perform their duties entirely without recognition. Their primary job is to emulate the voice, tone, or style of the client in question, allowing the recipient to act as the original author.

Today, there are several types of ghostwriters and content services available for hire, particularly including:

  • Ghost blog writers
  • Books or ebooks
  • Agency ghostwriters
  • Speech writers
  • Nonfiction biographies
  • Technical case studies

The benefits associated with hiring a ghostwriter for business cannot be overstated. For one thing, ghostwriting can save hundreds of hours’ worth of your professional time. Instead of laboring over a creative work for weeks or month, you can hire a ghostwriter to create quick, clean, efficient copy that perfectly captures your voice and brand. Ghostwriting also introduces a level of professionalism to your work. Highly experienced ghostwriters easily incorporate best industry practices, SEO elements, and competent lingo that makes your final product stand out among the rest. This factor alone is enough to spread your message by a large degree.

Finally, ghostwriters are an objective force in the creative process. Unlike in-house employees, they have no emotional connection preventing them from generating good, clean, honest copy. This makes them an invaluable asset in any content marketing program.

If you have the space in your budget to support a high quality ghostwriter, now is a great time to start exploring your options.

Where can you find ghostwriters for hire?

Ghostwriters usually operate in one of three capacities: freelance, agency, or in-house. Freelance ghostwriters work on a contractual basis, while agencies find and retain ghostwriters according to industry niche or technical experience. Finally, in-house ghostwriters create a regular stream of content as a formalized member of your team.

The best place to start looking for a ghostwriter in your niche is through freelancer platforms. Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer.com are just a few examples to pick from. Of course, if you’re looking for highly experienced ghostwriters with specific expertise, you may want to rely on niche platforms with a history of results.

  • WriterAccess is a great place for hiring ghostwriting experts with specific experience, particularly within healthcare, finance, and legal industries.
  • Contently is a platform with access to thousands of highly experienced authors from around the world. You and your ghostwriters will be matched through an advanced AI system that pairs experience and writing style with your budget requirements.
  • Toptal only accepts the top 3% of all freelance applicants. Their careful vetting process reduces the time between sourcing and hiring the perfect ghostwriter for the job.

Hiring freelance ghostwriters may be the most time-consuming process on this list. Not only does it require extensive research on your part, but it may be more difficult to find freelance writers with specific industry experience.

You may prefer having more long-term ghostwriters on your team. For this reason, asking people in your network for leads or advice is a great place to start. Coworkers, business peers, and even friends and family members could have ties to the perfect ghostwriter in your industry. Who do they recommend? Who do they not? Paid trail articles are a great way to vet potential sources, as well as any websites or online reviews. Bear in mind that this option still requires research on your part, even if the leads are already sourced.

The last and most efficient way to find ghostwriters in your niche is through an agency. Although there are generalized businesses that provide basic ghostwriting services, finding a specialized agency option is your best bet for creating sustainable, high-quality copy. Some of the best technical writing agencies are located right here in the US, including Draft.dev, Walker Sands, and the Skyrocket Group. Of course, it’s always a good idea to chat about content needs and industry experience before signing any long-term contracts.

Tips for finding and maintaining a professional ghostwriter

As anyone with writing experience can tell you, not all ghostwriters are created equal. Finding the perfect fit for your company is already quite the process, but maintaining and retaining your writers over time is more than half the battle.

To find the perfect fit, start with the basics:

  • Look for writers who have expert specialization in your industry. The more your ghostwriter understands your industry, the more their content will produce authentic value. Bonus points if your ghostwriter has spent a few years working within your niche.
  • If the ghostwriter in question doesn’t have relevant samples or referrals, consider using a paid trial article to assess their expertise. This proves to the writer that you value their time while simultaneously kick starting your content marketing campaign.
  • Ask for references from the ghostwriter’s previous clients or coworkers. How long did they work with this particular writer? What did they think about the experience? Remember to ask specific questions about workflow, cost, and speed, which will help to avoid any polite or overgeneralized responses.

Now that you’ve (hopefully) found the right ghostwriting fit, your final task will be to maintain your working relationship over time.

  • Understand the limitations of your ghostwriters. Even if these writers have decades of experience in their craft, they won’t be able to create the work you want without some guidance. Do what you can to prepare outlines or keyword banks for your writers, maintaining an open line of communication throughout the creation process. Your ghostwriter (and your final product) will be much better for it.
  • Be prepared to pay a decent rate for your ghostwriters. Although these professionals may not necessarily be taking credit for the final product, they still charge for the creation of their IP. Ghostwriter rates vary wildly, falling anywhere between $30 to $200 an hour, or $.10 to $3 a word. Be sure the subject of rates is an open discussion; better to eliminate any potential surprises before settling on a final hire.

Remember that no two workflow processes will ever be an exact match. Understand the ghostwriter you choose to hire may not necessarily resemble previous contractors, although the basic principles still remain. Adaptability and flexibility are your greatest weapons while finding ghostwriters for hire. The results will speak for themselves.

You can also read our blog post on working effectively with ghostwriters to learn more.

The value of a good ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are valuable industry partners that increase content production, enhance your lead funnels, and generate legitimate value for customers and stakeholders alike. Great ghostwriters may be hard to find, but the value they generate for B2B and SaaS business models are absolutely worth the effort.

Finding writers for hire begins and ends within your personal network. Use freelance platforms and job postings to track down freelance writers in your area. Spend some time chatting with friends and coworkers for insightful referrals and recommendations. Finally, use agencies or professional content writing companies to source ghostwriters with specific industry experience.

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