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Why Draft?

We take the pain out of creating great content for your software development blog.

Content Planning

The right content can increase your presence on search engines, help your content go viral on Hacker News, and build your newsletter subscriber base. We conduct a monthly strategy session with you to plan content that builds your audience.

Technical Writers

Unlike typical marketing agencies, we go deep, and can feature your offerings as prominently or subtly as you want. We accomplish this by partnering with professional software developers and industry experts.

Build a Dedicated Audience

Consistency and quality are the keys to building an audience, but it takes time. Don't let your blog languish because none of your engineers have time to contribute. Let us handle the writing for you.

How It Works

You're just one call away from getting started.



Schedule a Consultation

We'll learn about your blog, marketing strategy, and the kind of content you're creating today. Based on your budget and goals, we'll start to create a content plan custom made for you.



Review Our Content Plan

Within a few days of our initial consultation, we'll send you a content plan with the first month of content mapped out. We'll work with you to make sure any special considerations are made and our writers' questions are answered.



Start Receiving Great Technical Blog Posts

Once our content plan is approved, you'll start receiving tested and edited content that's ready to publish every 1-2 weeks. If our work ever falls short of your expectations, we'll work with you to revise it or give you a full refund.

Transparent Pricing

Go into each month knowing what you'll spend and what you're getting.



Blog posts per month
+ Evergreen content plan
+ Monthly strategy call


Price per month*



Blog posts per month
+ Evergreen content plan
+ Monthly strategy call


Price per month*


Technical content strategy
Lead magnets
Demo apps

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*All plans are billed at the start of each month. Content samples are available upon request.


What types of blog posts do you write?
Tutorials, Features, Q&A's, Roundups, Comparisons, and Thought Leadership pieces. We offer standard formats or we can work with you on custom ones.

What do monthly planning sessions cover?
Before the meeting, we'll assess your blog and come up with a list of researched pitches with rough outlines and sources. During the meeting, we'll get your feedback and make sure we're sending the right message to your audience.

Can I request revisions?
Of course. We'll work with you to get the content right. If it's not right within two revisions, we'll offer you a refund or rewrite.

How do you write the blog posts?
We create all our posts in Markdown and send you the raw text files along with any code samples, images, or screenshots.

How long are the blog posts you write?
We shoot for ~1500 words per post, but some content might be longer or shorter depending on the topic.

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The three questions you should ask before you start a technical blogThree steps you can take to come up with good content ideasFive ways to find and incentivize writersThe four-part publishing calendar planHow to find your voice and become a better editorThe content promotion checklist for technical blogsTracking, measuring, and refining your blog posts

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What is Draft?
We are a technical blogging agency. We work with software engineering blogs to help them produce content and start their own community writing programs.

Our writers are practicing software engineers who want to build a brand, become better writers, and make a little extra money in the process.

Writers can make between $200 and $400 per blog post depending on their experience level, topic, and turnaround time.

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