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Technical Ebooks From Draft.dev

Publishing high-quality technical content and getting it in front of your target audience is just the start of a successful developer marketing effort. Having a compelling lead magnet can help you turn that anonymous traffic into known names and email addresses that you can continue to build a relationship with over time.

Our compilation ebook offering at Draft.dev is designed for companies that want to create a high-quality lead magnet quickly without the cost of commissioning one from scratch.

How it Works

Process for technical ebooks at Draft.dev

After you meet with our editorial team, we’ll take 2-4 of your existing blog posts (either pieces we wrote or content your team created previously) and re-edit them into a single cohesive work. We’ll include a cover (based on a stock image), custom colors, and any relevant screenshots or graphics from the original content.

Once we finish the re-edit, we’ll send it to your team for revisions or approval. While heavy revisions aren’t typically needed since we’re using existing content, we’re happy to include two rounds of revisions in the standard price.


What if we have custom fonts or a style guide?

We offer custom colors and can include your logo on the cover, but if you want more sophisticated design work, we’re happy to share the content with your design team so they can customize it further.

How long does it take?

This process generally takes just 1-2 weeks after the original content is written.

Can I order an ebook alone?

While we don’t offer one-off ebook production at this time, ebooks can be rolled into an existing technical content plan or as part of a statement of work for a new client.

Do you have any examples of this kind of compilation ebook?

Sure! This ebook for Backhub is a good example of our work.

To discuss our packages and pricing, please book a call with us here.

What if we don’t already have content to turn into an ebook?

We’d be happy to help you produce a series of blog posts that will make a good compilation ebook. We produce hundreds of pieces of content for developer tools companies every month, so we’re happy to help with content production as well.

Next Steps

To discuss our packages and pricing, please book a call with us here.

And, if you need a custom whitepaper or ebook that’s beyond our offerings, we’re happy to refer you to one of our recommended partners.

Karl Hughes

By Karl Hughes

Karl is a former startup CTO and the founder of Draft.dev. He writes about technical blogging and content management.